Manufacturer and provider of comprehensive hospital pack systems and complementary products with more than 616 centers covered throughout the country, by presenting its latest achievements in the field of storage and exchange of medical images in accordance with current world standards, has always tried to be the best and Provide the latest services to the centers under its coverage.

world ofMiNNOVAA

The world of MiNNOVAA is very different from any other company or organization you have ever worked with. MiNNOVAA is not just about hiring skills, it is the characters that will make an impact.

Ease of communication within the organization and
Flat organizational structure

In MiNNOVAA, organization rules and processes have the final say. Everyone is allowed to comment and if their idea or solution is better, it will undoubtedly be accepted. The work framework and duties of each person in the organization are well defined and do not interfere with the other.

The goals will not change


The largest provider of solutions and software networks in the field of medical imaging in the country at the end of the first 10 years of operation and the largest in the region at the end of the second 10 years


Research and development of IT-based solutions in the medical industry for the management and transmission of medical images with the aim of accelerating imaging and reporting processes to patients.


Improving the level of medical imaging services to patients by providing an easy and reliable facility for specialists, physicians and staff of medical centers, to access information and archive images of patients from anywhere and the possibility of providing comments and diagnostic reports on them

charactristics MiNNOVAA

Intimate and dynamic environment

Ambition and courage

Opportunity to learn and upgrade

Functionalism and consequentialism

Job benefits in MiNNOVAA

Values ​​in MiNNOVAA

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