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A solution much better than cloud, which does not take ownership of your images yet provides the highest level of access and image exchange.

Innovative Solution for Federated Medical Image Exchange and Collaborative Healthcare Networks

MiNNOVAA introduces a groundbreaking enterprise solution for the seamless exchange of medical images and fostering communication among healthcare professionals. Unlike conventional centralized approaches, our solution employs a federated network structure, allowing individual imaging centers to maintain autonomy while facilitating efficient collaboration through a centralized gateway.

Key features include integrated workflow, communication between separate centers, image exchange, user identity, and access management, physician and patient portals, as well as team collaboration and communication tools.

Integrated Workflow & Team Collaboration

Streamlined and cohesive processes for medical image management, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in healthcare workflows.

Robust tools for collaborative efforts among healthcare teams, enabling effective communication and information sharing for improved patient outcomes.

Communication between Separate Centers

Utilizes a federated architecture that enables communication and collaboration among decentralized imaging centers, promoting a connected healthcare community.

Image Exchange

Facilitates secure and seamless exchange of medical images between distinct imaging centers, enhancing diagnostic capabilities and patient care.

Integrated Management of User Identity and Access

Centralized user identity and access management system to ensure secure and authorized participation within the network.

Physician Portal

Dedicated portal for healthcare professionals, offering a user-friendly interface for accessing and interpreting medical images, fostering efficient decision-making.

Patient Portal

Empowers patients with secure access to their medical images, promoting transparency and patient engagement in their healthcare journey.

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