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MiNNOVAA’s strategy for entering target markets involves collaboration with local companies active in the field of medical imaging and medical information technology. This partnership model forms a profit-sharing agreement, where both parties will share in the profits generated from the sales of products and services provided by MiNNOVAA. In this partnership, the collaborating company, acting as the SI (System Integrator), will be responsible for market development, initial customer support layers, and financial matters. Meanwhile, MiNNOVAA, as the manufacturer and solution provider, will focus solely on technical support and product development responsibilities.

If you also have the opportunity and conditions for this collaboration in your country or region, please contact us using the form below.

MiNNOVAA's partners in Pakistan

In Pakistan, Netever IT Solutions (NITS) operates as the exclusive representative and SI of MiNNOVAA. Managed by Mr. Muhammad Irfan and his professional team, the SI is responsible for providing on-site and on-call support services and facilitating matters related to customer communication, sales, and financial discussions.

To get in touch with our official representative, Mr. Irfan, please use this contact information.

Muhammad Irfan | System Integration and Technical Sales
Phone: +92 333 2362465

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