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About Us

MiNNOVAA is an Estonian-based company that was established in 2022. We are a medical information technology company providing solutions in the field of medical imaging software and medical image exchange. Our motto is “Medical Imaging Innovation,” and our key characteristic is the agility and cutting-edge technology we employ to develop our solutions.

Our primary focus areas include medical image viewer, radiology workflow, and artificial intelligence in diagnostic reporting. With a young and dynamic team consisting of approximately 20 programmers and product managers, along with colleagues in marketing, sales, technical support, call center, and administration, we strive to make a significant transformation in medical imaging and contribute to individual healthcare.

Our Story

The story of our company began about 15 years ago when Mike and Hussein recognized the need for PACS and medical image viewing and analysis software in healthcare centers in the Middle East. They started collaborating with the first healthcare center and, after a decade, had worked with over 500 medical facilities. However, two years ago, they realized that the market they were actively involved in no longer presented new opportunities and challenges. That’s when they decided to establish a new company named MiNNOVAA with a new partner Omid.

We chose Estonia as one of the startup hubs in Europe due to its favorable features for company registration and business activities, thanks to its advanced electronic infrastructure and government. In just one year, MiNNOVAA introduced another product, a professional medical imaging workstation software developed entirely by their team. Simultaneously, MiNNOVAA’s approach focused on developing imaging solutions for radiology workflow and leveraging artificial intelligence for diagnostic reporting on medical images. Recently, We have also developed a new product, a mini-PACS server that combines both software and hardware specifically designed for small imaging centers.

One of our strategic products under development is a medical image exchange network, which aligns with MiNNOVAA’s focus on developing imaging solutions for radiology workflow and utilizing artificial intelligence for diagnostic reporting on medical images.

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