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Nest serves as the core mini-PACS Server solution in the medical imaging center’s radiology network. On the one hand, it is connected with the imaging devices (Modalities), and on the other hand, in the internal network, it is connected to the hospital information management systems such as HIS/RIS. It is also connected to the web viewer and the radiology workstation in the internal network and the Internet, Also connected to the support server to receive update services, exchange images, etc.



Nest offers comprehensive and standard PACS solutions on small hardware, as a mini-PACS Server.


X-ray Eye on User Station

Standalone PACS viewer application with value-added features intended for use in a clinical setting.
XEUS is a multi-platform Radiology Workstation (Windows/Mac OS/Linux).

DICOM Viewer Features & Functionalities:
Hanging Protocols, DICOM Print / Filming, DICOM PDF Attachments, Media Writing, DICOM File Attachments, JPEG 2000 Support, Measurement, Multiplanar Reconstruction (MPR), MIP, Probe (3D), Export / Import DICOM, Reporting, Save Annotations, Key image, 3D Volume Rendering (VR), TIC, MPEG4 support, DSA


Radiology Workflow Engine

The Pulsating Heart of the Medical Imaging Workflow.

– Registration
– Protocolling
– Performing
– Transcription
– Reporting

A workflow is a system for managing repetitive processes and tasks which occur in a particular order.
It’s the mechanism by which healthcare centers provide services, process information, or any other value-generating activity.


Federated image network

The Nexus solution is to create an information network for sharing and exchanging medical images consisting of imaging centers as nodes connected to a central proxy server that is responsible for image indexing and searching.

In this way, although medical images are stored locally in the imaging center, they can be accessed and viewed regionally from all centers connected to the information network.

Nothing prevents you from joining a healthcare network and exchanging medical images! Don’t let resources and infrastructure limit you.


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