Workflow Management Engine


The Pulsating Heart of the Medical Imaging Workflow

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Workflow Management Engine

Supervised Imaging Workflow Manager

Mentor is an integrated RIS-PACS imaging workflow manager. It is beneficial for those eyeing the improvement of patient care and is specifically developed for the radiological department of health care centers. 

The key role of the Mentor is to automate the workflow process across the radiology wing and supervise and track radiology imaging orders from admission until discharge. 

The primary functions of the Mentor include scheduling, workflow, and managing procedures. Additionally, it can handle patient registration and scheduling, image tracking, results distribution with corresponding doctors, and reporting. 

PACS alone cannot deliver the desired results unless it is fully integrated with RIS. Mentor provides a more complete view of the patient’s medical history, which can lead to quicker diagnoses, shorter lengths of stay, less repetitive data entry, and improved overall medical efficiency.

Workflow Steps

Understanding the workflow in radiology is essential as it consists of several important steps that play a key role in ensuring precise diagnoses and quality patient care. Patients who grasp this workflow can develop a deeper appreciation for the hard work of radiology professionals and gain a better understanding of how their diagnosis and treatment are facilitated.
The radiology workflow comprises several essential actions, such as registering the patient, order placement, appointment scheduling, image acquisition, storage, transcription, reporting and billing. 

impressive advantages of Mentor

  • Integrable With Other Systems
  • Better Communication with Referring Doctors
  • Fewer Data Entry Errors
  • Resolve Staff Shortage Issues
  • Improved Efficiency
  • More Accurate Diagnoses
  • Enhanced Patient Care
  • Reduction in Paperwork

Mentor Built-in Dicom modality worklist

Mentor built-in DICOM Modality worklist streamlines workflow by seamlessly integrating patient demographic information from a Radiology Information System (RIS) to a modality, reducing the need for duplicate data entry and ensuring data accuracy.

Track procedures, exam statuses, and patient info with a web-based platform

By utilizing web-based solutions, radiology practices can effectively analyze patient data in real-time, resulting in various advantages. The real time analysis of procedures, exam statuses, and other patient information significantly enhances workflow coordination. 

Accelerate the Reporting Process with Mentor

Mentor allows radiologists to generate comprehensive reports directly from the system, eliminating the need for manual report entry. It offers templates, transcription, speech to text  and standardized reporting formats, ensuring consistency and clarity in reporting.

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