Reporting in the novel

Voice Report

Sending and saving the doctor’s report on the medical images of the patients by the audio method.
Novel is a smart platform for doctors. In Novel, doctors can view medical images of patients and record their own reports through any device connected to the Internet.
But suppose you decide to see images and record reports on your smartphone. Naturally, typing a specialized report will be very difficult and time-consuming, with a high error rate.
Now, with the option of voice report, you can easily record and send your report by voice at the same time as viewing the image.
Your saved audio will be saved next to the patient’s medical image.
Now, there are 2 ways to type that report.

  1. The reporter user listens to your audio file and types rate.
  2. In order to optimize time and prevent any user error, Smart Novel has another powerful tool to convert speech to text.

So easily record your voice report and receive your text report from Novel.

Speech To text

Powerful speech-to-text conversion engines are used in the novel with the highest percentage of correct recognition of words and sentences.
By using this feature, the voice reports recorded by doctors in Novel are intelligently converted into text.
Its important advantages include saving time and reducing user errors.
Confirmation of the report by a specialist doctor
After preparing the text of the report by the operator (converting the doctor’s voice to text), the report is uploaded again on the server, and the specialist doctor issues the final approval of the report by visiting and checking the text.
By implementing this process, it can be ensured that the text of the report is exactly according to the version recorded by the expert.

Advance Report

Implementation of step-by-step reports by specifying the access level.
In Advanced Report, you can set different levels for registering the report and finally confirming the report.
In this way, for example, 3 levels are defined for reporter, resident, and radiologist, where each role records their opinions separately, and finally, the doctor reviews them and records the final opinion and result.
This feature is very useful for educational centers.
Advanced report features

  • Color coding to identify the type of report
  • Registration of digital signatures in reports and required levels
  • Determining grades and evaluating students

Report Template

Create and manage report templates as desired.
One of the features that every PACS system should have, is the correct reporting structure.
One of the most effective steps in patient treatment is the correct recording of medical reports.
The requirement for this is to have a dashboard suitable for reporting that exists alongside medical quality images.
Now, what features should a structured report have to lead to a suitable output?
In different branches of medical imaging, it often happens that the answers are similar and only some of their values need to be changed.
In such cases, should the entire text be retyped? Or is there a way to use the pre-defined structure?
Or sometimes it happens that different doctors have their own patterns and formats for answering.
To manage different doctors in the treatment center, is it possible for each doctor to have a predefined template for him?

  1. Create different report templates according to your taste.
  2. Creating and grouping report templates based on imaging modalities.
  3. Creating and grouping report templates based on doctors.
  4. Creating and grouping report templates based on doctor and modality.
  5. These structures with defined categories can be easily used in reporting.


Creating keywords for quick report typing.
By using the auto-complete option in Novel, you can easily define sentences and words that are always constant and frequent.
Then, when reporting the image, don’t spend time typing repetitive sentences, and by typing a few initial characters, the predefined phrases will be listed and can be selected.


The ability to create statistical and comparative reports.
Certainly, be happened to you, when you were confused and wasted a lot of time on a simple statistical report of the performance of the imaging department.
Sometimes, to prepare a simple statistical report, you have to switch between several software installed in the treatment center, and in the end, you can’t get accurate statistics
Using the grid option in Novel, you can create reports according to your needs.

For example, you need the following statistical reports:

  1. The number of images according to each modality.
  2. The number of images or reports of each doctor with a modality filter.
  3. The number of images by gender of the patient.
  4. The number of images by patient age category.

And create any other intelligent statistical report you want with any details or any type of shape.
easily create the statistical analysis you need from the center.