Security in the novel


The Passport product prevents hackers and unreal users from entering and infiltrating Novel, and this means ensuring the security of patients’ images and medical reports and their identity information in the PACS system.
Passport is a two-step authentication code in Novel.
Each of the users in PACS, with any specific pre-defined role, must first enter their username and password to log in, and then wait to receive an SMS containing a confirmation code, and after entering it in the relevant box, they can enter Novel.
Therefore, 2 steps of user identification have been done and the percentage of penetration into the system is greatly reduced.


For any reason, it is sometimes necessary for the system administrator to manage and monitor the activities of various users at any level. Auditing provides you with the following facilities so that you can check the security of the novel at any time. No trace will be lost.

  • Check user logs
  • Calculate the presence of each user in the system
  • Checking the various activities of each user in the system


Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is a protocol that secures communication and data transfer between a user’s web browser and a website. HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP.
Novel also uses this information encryption and provides information security with the protocol HTTPS.