User management in the novel


Set up different resources and manage users based on them, Authority in Novel allows you to manage users’ access to system resources to improve the work process and speed up various operations in PACS.
Pay attention to the following examples
We want users X and Z to view only the medical images of patients reported by doctor A.
In another example, we want doctor B to have access only to the images of patients whose imaging type is a CT scan.
Or suppose we defined 3 users in the system.
User A should see the images that have been reported
User B can only see pictures of male patients
User CT- Scan see unreported patients
With Authority, all these things can be adjusted and managed.

User & Role Management

Defining roles and setting user access
Roles with different access levels can be defined in role management.
Then in user management, you can define users and assign the desired roles to them.
More possibilities for managing users and roles

  • Ability to create default roles
  • Creating unlimited users and roles
  • User management with details (system usage history and user access management, … )
  • Backing up users


With the Open ID service, it is possible to view the image based on a Gmail address. in this way, when defining the user in Novel, Gmail is also defined and the user can log in with his Gmail account and see the images.


Get user information from other systems to log in
With LDAP service, Novel has the possibility to establish and synchronize with other center systems such as Active Directory, HIS, RIS, etc.,
in this case, there is no need to create a new address for users and users can log in to Novel with the same address