In this article, I am going to introduce you something that will protect health by optimizing radiation dose.
Radian is a solution that have been developed and used for radiation dose data collection and analysis, and have been proven useful for optimization. Dosimetric methods are used in radiology departments for a variety of goals including the determination of patient dose levels to allow examinations to be optimized and to assist in decisions on the justification of examination choices.

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  1. Dosimetry in diagnostic radiology
  2. Radiation dose management system
  3. Patient radiation exposure and dose tracking
  4. Implementation of dose management system in clinical practice
  5. Analyze radiation dose across modalities and devices
  6. Collecting complete and accurate radiation dose data
  7. Health protection by optimizing radiation dose

expert check:

Radian allows you to analyze radiation dose across modalities and devices.
It identifies and alleviates the causes of dose outliers and transform standards based metrics. So your organization can produce sharp and focused diagnostic images with the lowest possible dose exposure. Its intuitive interface is designed around typical clinical workflows making it easy and efficient to use.
Radian automatically captures dose data directly from medical devices throughout your enterprise regardless of modality. Data is stored and tracked by Radian to provide actionable information. This includes automatic dose notifications that alert users when an exam exceeds predefined thresholds.
Additionally, for CT and interventional connections additional information is available to help you further refine your conclusion.
Furthermore, incidence maps are able to help you estimate peak doses are available for certain interventional connections.
Radian helps you efficiently analyze trends so you can spot opportunities for optimization.

Analysis Capabilities:


Radian predefined summaries and custom reporting tools can help you disseminate performance information to improve dose optimization initiatives.
by helping you track, analyze and report the amount of dose patients receive Radian can be the foundation of a comprehensive dose management program.