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X-ray Eye on User Station

XEUS Imaging Workstation and DICOM Viewer User’s Manual

A presentation of the features of XEUS Imaging Workstation and DICOM Viewer

Professional Imaging Workstation

Modern and flexible medical image viewer

XEUS DICOM Viewer, developed by MiNNOVAA, is a powerful software designed for the visualization, analysis, and printing of medical data acquired from various DICOM equipment or modalities.

Revolutionizing your workflow with effortless precision. Dive into volumetric data with pre-configured settings, ensuring seamless navigation and unparalleled clarity. With intuitive controls and tailored presets, elevate your diagnostic capabilities to new heights, achieving unmatched insights with ease.
A revolutionary tool enabling comprehensive analysis through multi-planar reconstructions. Seamlessly navigate through volumetric data, dissecting anatomical structures with precision and clarity from any angle. With intuitive controls and advanced visualization capabilities, 3D MPR empowers detailed examination and accurate interpretation, revolutionizing diagnostic workflows in medical imaging.
A cutting-edge imaging technique that highlights vascular structures by subtracting baseline images from contrast-enhanced ones. This advanced feature offers unparalleled clarity and precision, facilitating accurate assessments and informed decision-making in vascular-related diagnoses and treatments.
a powerful tool providing dynamic insights into data over time. Explore intricate details and patterns with precision as TIC enables you to analyze changes in intensity over specified intervals. Uncover nuances in medical imaging like never before, empowering accurate assessments and informed decision-making.
Fusion: Enhance your diagnostic capabilities with our fusion feature, allowing seamless integration of multi-modality images for comprehensive analysis and precise medical imaging interpretation.

Experience seamless integration with Stitch

An innovative tool that effortlessly combines multiple images or datasets into a cohesive whole. Whether it’s panoramic views or comprehensive data analysis, Stitch empowers you to create unified visuals with precision and ease. Unlock new possibilities in image processing and visualization, streamlining your workflow for enhanced productivity and insights.