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What is a system integrator company?


The biggest advantage of working with a system integrator in IT projects is that they offer a comprehensive set of solutions, services, and capabilities. The approach of a system integrator company is like an anonymous seller and it is supposed to put different hardware and software subsystems from different companies together in a way that becomes a comprehensive information technology solution by examining the needs of the end-user. This simple alignment on the one hand creates significant added value for the end user and on the other hand, brings hardware and software system providers closer to their business goals.

System integrator and a complete and comprehensive collaboration

Today, many digital transformation projects include different resources and requirements that require different companies and developers to develop each part. Here is an integrator that is equipped with tools from all these companies for development and can fully cover the final solution. An integrator can handle many aspects of a technology strategy:

  • Selection and purchase of the best technologies required by the end-user
  • Deployment and training of developed systems
  • Data analysis and information management
  • Renovation of existing internal and external systems
  • Renovation of hardware and software infrastructure
  • Design and management of internal networks and security

Selection of a system integrator by development companies

When a company selects a system integrator to deliver its products, the first step in the integration process is to assess the business capabilities and define the project requirements that will end user transformation. With this background in place, the system integrator develops and executes an integration plan. Then he continues to test and improve the system and finally takes over the support, maintenance, and repair of the system. When choosing a system integrator company, it will be very important to have a clear understanding of the direct and final business and economic results that the product development company is looking for. Be aware that this choice can help fix or improve the following:

  • End-user experience
  • Business growth percentage in terms of revenues
  • Cost management
  • Sales risk and end-user satisfaction
  • Operational efficiency

System integrator barriers and solutions

The development of new technologies, whether it is at the level of a small center or a large organization, can be a big problem that is not easy to solve for any end-user. The phrase “digital transformation” has been used by most companies and organizations in the past years, but there are many obstacles to achieving it:

– The budget

Indicators show that end users spend an average of 43% of their budget on maintaining new technologies. This leaves little funding for technology development and covering existing needs.

– Compatibility

When end-users decide to use modern technologies, their focus is often on logistics and prerequisites. It’s that they’re driven to multiple vendors and a mix of solutions, combined with new or legacy technology, can lead to a compatibility and selection nightmare for IT teams.

– Skill gap

In digital transformation, about 36% of end users point to the lack of appropriate skills or talent as the main obstacle to achieving digital solutions. Finding experienced professionals who have the deep technical knowledge to integrate different applications and systems is a growing challenge.


Only some of the end-users are big enough to properly implement a large solution architecture to support their business in digital transformation, and that’s only going to get harder. There is generally a gap between the pace of development of new technologies, processes, and services that match end-user expectations and the ability of IT teams. This is where a system integrator comes into play with a great solution.

On the other hand, companies developing software and hardware solutions in the path of digital transformation also prefer to cooperate with a systems integrator. Because in this way, the quality of service that will be provided to the end-user will be much better.

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