What is Dose Management Software?

What is Dose Management Software?


Dose Management Software have been developed and used for radiation dose data collection and analysis, and have been proven useful for optimization. It provides a comprehensive radiation dose management solution for your install base regardless of location, vendor or device age. 

The impact of radiation dose on patients and resulting business implications are topics gaining interest among healthcare administrators, radiologists, patients, payers and even legislators.

Many countries have already started down the road of implementing legislation to reduce patient radiation dose rests.

 Is your hospital ready? Do you have a strategy in place to meet coming regulatory changes?

Dose Management Software

Today you have massive amounts of data being generated from a variety of equipment from different vendors.

This equipment is located in different departments often even different buildings and likely your equipment varies in age which means it may have different DICOM and dose reporting capabilities. As your network expands to include other facilities in group practices the complexity of managing all that data multiplies. Yet today it is more important than ever to extract and monitor information like dose data that can impact patient care. 

Dose Management Software gives you the visibility you need by integrating your imaging networks and automatically capturing radiation dose data from multiple modalities and vendors throughout your enterprise.

Our Dose Management Solution (Radian) can integrate with your departmental information systems and electronic medical records.

Dose Management Software

What does dose management software do?

  • This exam history and cumulative dose data, encourages communication between your radiology team and the physician.
  • It helps you identify those outliers because dose watch generates multi-level reports indicating dose delivery by protocol, technician, device and site.
  • You see data in fine detail right down to the device acquisition parameters.
  • Dose Management Software also detects radiation doses that exceed preset notification thresholds and sends automated dose alerts via email helping your team keep your imaging quality processes in control.
  • Dose Management Software can help you manage risk across your health care system improve patient care monitor your technology with advanced analytics and create a more consistent homogeneous imaging ecosystem



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