dicom-viewer: XEUS Medical Imaging Workstation


Vista is the viewer of Dicom images and other medical image formats that is the core of the XEUS medical imaging workstation.

This viewer has been developed from the beginning and based on an open-source project called ClearCanvas, by MiNNOVAA’s research and development team. In this development, in addition to developing the deficiencies and basic needs of the end user, improvements have been made in the field of technologies used, speed, image view quality, and software architecture to create a better experience for the end user.

Get to know some technical features and improvements of Vista:


  • Dicom is ported to fo-dicom. The original Dicom lib defined by ClearCanvans has been replaced altogether!
  • Tile/PresentationImage can load both Gray and Color, e.g. a new type MonoPresentationImage defined.
  • Dynamic – on the fly – loading of images into Image Box (now we call it Lenz). No more is required to have the dataset prepared in advance.
  • ManagedItk was totally removed and replaced with SimpleItk. All interfaces and wrappers are rewritten and tested and Zero memory leakage is achieved.
  • The player tool was redesigned and unified for Motion (XA, US), Slicer (CT, MR), and Mpeg4.
  • VTK was replaced with Activiz.Net.
  • Improve the output of MPR by removing extra paddings.
  • Compatible with NetStandard2.0.

Newly introduced

  • The hanging protocol is defined, as a robust and flexible one!
  • Mpeg4 player is seamlessly integrated into Vista, such that Mpeg2/4 transfer syntaxes are supported.
  • DSA is supported and built into Vista. It automatically detects and does the DSA if applicable.
  • Printing and Filming, inspired by Siemens workstation.
  • Dynamic series (i.e. temporal series)
  • Lots of tools were created i.e. Freehand, Poly ruler, Ratio, SolifFrame, Zoom pan (inspired by Siemens), TIC (Time-intensity cure)

Now working

  • Started for curved MPR
  • Started stitching
  • Try to rewrite and port BileanrInterpolation to C#, later move calculation to ComputeSharp, to get rid of native code and be prepared to cross-platform.

On the road…

  • Going for Net7.
  • Rewrite all the framework for Wpf, to get ready on cross-platform.

Finally yet importantly major contribution is made available through the reactiveness of the framework achieved by two consequent magic! Rx.Net/ReactiveUI + DynamicData.


new ideas, More innovations.

We’re here.